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A'Maria Imani , On a Cloud

A'Maria Imani, Is an upcoming artist from Maryland.United States. She comes from a heavy musical background and started writing her own music at a very young age. A'Maria also started teaching herself guitar at the age of 16, and then later began professional training on the classical guitar.

The young artist also began teaching herself the craft of music production at the age of 17 which has become another one of her passions. We caught up to A’maria Imani when we heard her latest release called "On a Cloud" where she is showing off her sensual voice over a trap beat the song is on point.

Let's check out A’Maria Imani in action

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A'Maria knew from a young age that she wanted to be a professional singer/musician. Music was the only way she was able to escape her hectic childhood life. Writing was her way of coping and still is to this day. The artist makes music about her personal life and tells stories from both good and bad experiences she's had to deal with. She has also recently dropped her first single Titled "Knock" which is a song she wrote about living in a messed up, fast-paced society and not being able to catch a break. Her music career is just taking off

Thoughts: A’Maria Imani is a gifted Artist that is not taking any prisoners.....its noticeable that she's going for her goal while she could just release a song she releases a song with a music video and then shows herself off while she leaves it all on the track

Keep up with A’Maria Imani and her Music Career

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