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Alex Boy, A Voice to Change a Genre

Actualizado: 17 abr 2022

Alexander Ramos Mota Born and Rasied in La Romana in a time that the Music industry did not even think of Autotune or even a Something Bigger ....A new Urban Genre Known as Dembow

At age 11 Alex Boy started doing what he loves most he wrote his first song and as every writer he made the most of it .

Later he started a small group in his neighborhood at 15 he started enjoying his local fame

walking down the streets and everybody noticing him it feels good he said

He is very greatful that his close friends and family have baked him up with his music career

At age 18 one of his goup members chose the path of the lord and became a christian and he Analized it and prayed and knew at that momen that he was on this planet to serve God and make Good music

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