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Antwon DA Don A Star in the Making

Stories like this one is why we have this Artist Review..........He has the look, And his sound is Original , Look a little closer, your going to notice diamonds on his teeth and he deserves them , the first song I ever heard from Antwon Da Don was named "white flag" where he sends out a positive message on how to never back down or give up, with a cool seventies funk beat Overlapped by a laid back electric guitar. Check out his latest single called "Shooting stars"

Antwon Da Don is a Bronx native, brought up by his Aunt in New Rochelle, New York. Utilized writing and Rap as a form of expression and as an outlet to the realities and hardships that many, like himself, constantly face in life. While honing in on his craft as a traditional old school Boom Bap style writer; Da Don has often stepped out of his comfort zone and released experimental music. Like it or Love it but music is a toy that A.D.D has played with; and has made his own artistic style that does not copy anyone else in the game. This style has been percolating for over a decade and a half and we are now finally getting to Antwon’s final cook up.

With good management I could see this Future star coming up fast and sky's would be the limit Enjoy his tunes

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