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  • Kelly Sims

Attention All Independent Artist

Pay Us No Mind, YouTube Phenomenon for independent Music Artist are always on top of the competition by letting independent Artists know the latest Music Business news, this past week "Gift" host of Pay Us No Mind covered a very interesting subject.

Spotify ,the Juggernaut of music streaming platforms with more than 3 times of Competitor Apple Music which is the second largest music Streaming Platform while Spotify has always favored the Major Record labels Artists it Also lets independent Music Artists showcase, and get paid for their latest Tracks on their Platform, it’s almost like having to choose now Between Major Record Labels who are working on setting up the platform for Spotify to only allow signed Recording Artists to get Paid while Indie Artist will not Get Paid ? or might get Paid Less? or not be able to showcase their new music through Spotify altogether.

Checkout Gift from Pay us No Mind as he Breaks it down

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Stay connected to Pay Us No Mind how Gift is always giving you the latest updates, tips, and Tricks on how Independent Artists can move forward with their music career

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