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Ayminor, Tyme Machine

Ayminor is an indie-Pop Singer/Songwriter based in New York,

After some years of Experimenting and Critiquing her Style with different Sounds, Ayminor was finally Ready to share her Voice with the World. Taking inspiration from the Music Industry's Biggest Hitmakers including Beyonce, and Billie Eilish, as well as New-Age R&B, acts like Jojo, and Victoria Monet,

Ayminor has found a style she can call her own with an acoustic and synth-based sound, heartfelt lyrics, and a bare soul. Her Debut EP titled "Tyme Machine" overall experience takes you straight to the Chill Zone or the Relaxed Zone which feels like being in a live R&B Club with your Favorite Person enjoying that live music and feeling tipsy.

Let’s check out Ayminor in action

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Thoughts: A Good Acoustic Band backing Ayminor can make her a strong force in the

Music industry for a Generation in the likes of Erykah Badu, Maxwell, and

The Tony Rich Project in the 90s. However, we must Stress "Unique talent cannot be denied" and Ayminor has just that.

Keep up with Ayminor and her music career

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