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DEATH TO ROSALEANA , "Bird Nova" The Song Speaks

DEATH TO ROSALEANA , is an Indie Alternative Rock Band from Conway, Arkansas Made up of two Extremely Talented Musicians "Roo and Tristan " Who are on a Mission to alleviate the Loneliness that engulfs the human experience, (DEATH TO ROSALEANA) is a band bridled with spirit and Depth. With the understanding of what is portrayed by the world that depicts separation and Otherness, the band's motivation with every song they make is to bridge the connection.

Born as avid lovers of music, particularly drawing from Shinedown, Twenty-one Pilots, System of a Down, Lady Gaga, Mother Mother, and Mitski, they are set on the map to making a Legacy through their music.

Let's Checkout DEATH TO ROSALEANA in Action

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Alternative Rock having the reputation of being cold and dark, the band seeks to dispel that by using different elements of its entities to tell different stories. While tapping into people's Need for connection, the band positions itself to show off it's talent through love to its Listeners. The band's black brand essence evokes their rebellion against conforming to the World's expectations. Instead, they are keen on helping more people embrace their Individuality, knowing that they are not alone. Not only do their words depict this, the Exquisite voice of lead ROO cuts through and inspires a vulnerability only their music can bring. We could use 1000 words to tell their story, but only their music will do it justice.

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