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Paola Rosa, Can Christian Hip-Hop Survive in Chistianity?

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In life we all figure out what we can do, and we should not do, either Because our Parents taught us or we learned it the hard Way. Hip-Hop is cool, And for some going to Church is cool also, where I really want to go with this is can Hip-Hop live with Christianity? And if your answer is yes then my other question is ? Can Hip-Hop Survive or even breath Inside the house of God?

Paola Rosa and many others believe Hip-Hop can survive and when i say many others? I Would say most Christians believe so. Paola Rosa is an Independent Artist from El Seibo Dominican Republic who performs Christian Hip-Hop a Genre that by some is considered to be quote unquote not a real praise to God Paola in her first single called Puritana from the begining to end she is laying it down spitting how the lord saved her from the dark road of the streets and how Jesus is the light , watch her in action

This is how a Long Music Careers Begins, From small Groups to Thaters , To Arenas and Stadiums.

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