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Cash in the Morning , A Unique Sound

Cash in the Morning is a duo composed of (CA$H) and his brother Rylopurp. They are Straight out of the Inland Empire, California with a sound unique to the area. In a place Where bay area beats and Sounds have taken over they pride themselves on an original and Creative sound.

Let's check out Cash in the Morning in Action

Cash quoted,Truth be told, we're just a couple of skate rats rapping about the lives/trials and tribulations we go through, Making Music in an area where no one wants to see you Succeed. The content is relatable to any kids growing up in the area just trying to follow Their dreams and making music because it's our first love and passion. Thank you and God Speed to anyone who takes the time to listen. Appreciate you guys and thank you for the time.

Thought's.......Cash in the Morning is only growing as Recording Artist day by day, the Potential This group has is very bright like all Artist if they stay focused Fans will line up for Them.....

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