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Cing , POP is Short for Popular

Actualizado: 23 jul 2022

Cing is an American/Canadian duo who has released a long list of Songs in a short Period and are not holding back, their latest Release Titled "Today" is a smooth-sounding cruising Work of Art that uplifts you from beginning to end

Cing has worked on their craft for years studying the Greatest from Bach to Nirvana/

Alanis Morissette

and even the Weeknd........ Cing does it all but the Big Question is can their Fanbase Handle that kind of versatility, one thing I have to say is they are on point and they know Where they want to go and I'm sure they will get there

Let's check out Cing in Action with the latest release

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Yup, it could have been Alternative Rock, or it could've been just Rock we have to call it POP Music in short for Popular Music which means it is music for everybody to enjoy and that's what Cing is doing, giving you what you want, what you love, Taking the best from the Greatest and Putting it in their way I see hits, I smell hits,

Keep up with Cing and their music Career

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