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Cliff Whitakker , Cool Sound

Cliff Whitakker is a South Florida based self-produced singer/songwriter and guitarist. Described by many as "quiet" and "reserved", he typically saves his Deep Emotional Responses for lonely Car rides, where he can listen to the music that he loves, undisturbed.

Nothing moves him more than hearing a well-crafted piece of music.

He noticed this at a Young age and for that reason, decided to become a guitar player. Despite initially being trained as a classical and flamenco guitarist, when he found the Blues, there was no going back. Whitakker spent many sleepless nights learning to imitate the sounds of his heroes,

The likes of which include David Gilmour, Stevie Ray

Vaughan, and Santana.

Let's Checkout Cliff Whitakker in Action

Feel Like Jamming in your Quiet time Let your feelings loose with the Little Martin LX1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Although his musical upbringing was influenced mostly by classic rock, jazz, and blues, Cliff Whitakker spent his teenage years admiring the innovation and creativity provided by Artists such as Tame Impala, John Mayer, Travis Scott and Post Malone. Inspired to Create his own songs and musical landscapes, he decided to learn a variety of different Skills including

Music production, singing, and audio engineering.

Today he utilizes his deep understanding of the guitar, his production abilities, and his wide Palette of musical influences to create tunes that combine several genres and eras.

Thoughts,,,,,,When I heard Cliff Whitakker for the first time this kid made me think twice as from a cool sounding quiet song, he switched up to a nice high hat beat almost Rap beat and still was able to make magic .......

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