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CliffChain, Charlie Harper

CliffChain, Real Name Charles Lucjan Weißenberg, is a German Rapper, of Polish Origin. Producer /Operator of "Life In Chainz Productions". Let’s take it back a bit CliffChain has been writing his Rap Lyrics since he was 13, most of which deal with his life and also his Difficult childhood.

At 17 he started making his music with new equipment, Which also increased his tracks' quality. He became more and more involved with Audio Engineering and gradually Deepened his knowledge. In 2010 his EP "Gedanken und Tränen" was released, which Met with a somewhat mixed response from the German Hip-hop scene.

About two years later he released his mixtape titled "Mein Lifestyle" via "Street Art Records", Which dealt with his Depression and Aggression. He received positive Feedback from the National Hip-Hop scene, which got him noticed.

Let’s check out CliffChain in Action with his Latest Release

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After some time it got quiet for the Young Rapper. It wasn't until 2015 that he returned with his "Eigener Wille" EP and was then presented with a few exclusive tracks and was Then recognized as a serious part of the Elmshorn Rap scene.

In 2019 came the debut album "Zweite Chance", which deals heavily with his existence as an Entrepreneur. His album "Zwischen Business und Musik", which was released in 2021, Builds on its Predecessor and there he tells a bit about how Music Became his Business.

This brings us to right now 2022 and CliffChain is doing what he is Supposed to do, for All New Music Artists Reading this Blog Post your Goal is to make your music so good That the Fans in your neighborhood like it and are crazy over you, then get Fans all over your city then your State or Provance, Take Your Country by storm then the world........

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