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Copy of Smokee Whine , Gimmie my soul back

Smokee Whine, is an American Singer and Songwriter from Houston, Texas with a Smooth R&B Voice that takes you back to the 1960s

Smokee Whine is Steady Proving to be an Artist to look out for with the Release of his Second album titled "I want you" which I have to say it has a song called "Gimmie my soul Back" where he shows off his Smooth Competitive high Pitch Voice that takes you to a lounge laying back drinking a glass of wine as you picture Smokee Whine Singing on Stage this work of Art

Let's check out smokee Whine in action

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Thoughts : Smokee Whine ,with every song he releases is making sure to put the numbers to back him up and with the knowledge of the Music Industry plus the right people behind him I could see Smokee Whine making a living off of this Art we call Music

Keep up with Smokee Whine and his Music Career

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