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Darrin Miller , A Book Still in the Making

Darrin Miller From a small town about an hour from San Antonio, Texas , has had a full life at the age of 29. Married with 6 children, Growing up for Darrin was unsteady and chaotic. The youngest of Three, and son to a known gang associate, Which made him no Stranger to trouble. ​

In 2010, Darrin was arrested 7 times on 9 charges and was labeled as a member of Organized Crime. Facing years in prison Darrin cried out to the Lord for help and Offered up his life in Exchange for mercy. For the next five years, Darrin decided to revisit the faith he claimed to have, but wasn't living. Facing the consequence of his life choices, Darrin found his way back to the Christ, praying and reading the word daily for the first Time at 19 years old. Fast Forward to 2014, and Darrin had become a full-time pastor and all of his charges had been Dismissed from court by the grace of God; The life he Once knew was no more.

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Since being ordained in 2014, Darrin has engaged in youth ministry, college ministry, and Street ministry, while pastoring a church and alongside other ministries and Nonprofits to help equip the saints. As the founder of the Living Word Bible School, Darrin has a strong grasp on the scriptures and theological subjects and is blessed with a Serious but relatable approach to hard topics and encourages audiences of all ages to Press forward in their faith.

Darrin has spoken at churches and conferences across Texas and abroad, and has Personally led hundreds of people to Christ through personal evangelism. His passion is to bring the scriptures to life in a new way and leave people hungry to know Christ more.

Darrin is also a published Hip-Hop artist. In 2021, Darrin released his EP, "Entrance," a bold, message-driven EP that sought to share the gospel through Hip-Hop, and in Oct. 2021, Darrin released his first full-length album, DREAMS. As an artist, Darrin has collaborated with various other Christian artists such as Hilgy and ASAP Preach to Produce unique and intriguing Christian Hip Hop that both inspires and convicts

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