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Deadxdying, I don't Wanna Be Here

DeadxDying is a Singer/Songwriter, Producer from a place where Only a few can go his debut Album is a work of Art, DeadxDying Mixes common Trap Beats with Rock Sounds and has his Original style to Back it up. the first time we caught up with him was for the first song of his Debut album false hope but now we're catching up with him because we heard a new song from the same EP, which is called

Don't Wanna be Here a real-life rendition where emotions are felt throughout the whole song,

In his own words

The track

“I don’t wanna be here…..”

Takes place during the release of “FALSE HOPE” the DeadXDying debut album.

Holding the #3 track after the welcoming you receive with the two first tracks on the album.

I wrote this track as a way to beg the universe to remove its foot from my throat. I was reeling from losing the people I held closest weeks prior. I was in a bad place, dark, spiraling in my Mind, out of control. I had lost all sense of safety and security since the Universe stepped out from the curtain and showed me true pain and destruction, as it annihilated my soul. I was Numbing every and any feeling as nothing came that didn’t bring crippling sadness and tears to drown in. This track was one of the first that I saw a light start to shine through weeks after its recording… it does carry a very deep and scary message as some of us are not Strong enough to bear the weight of trauma even though the way out might be closer than you thought!

Let's check out DeadxDying in action

Thoughts: DeadxDying is leaving it all on the track with lyrics that only a few could live through but he has.

DeadxDying always knows how to bless a song with a hot beat and his fanbase is growing monthly, with good promo the ball will get rolling because they love the Rawness of this Artist .....And that we cannot deny

Keep up with DeadxDying and his Music Career.

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