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DeadXDying The Lyrics are the thoughts of many

Making a Buzz in one thing but making your own sound is another, It takes time and hard Work and most of all originality and DeadXDying has done it.

Toxic Dreams is his latest single which I have to say it express alot of emotional thoughts

take a listen for yourself.

DeadxDying is his Name and as were talking about music Let's just leave it at that, his Musical career started the way many People around the world even celebs are going through Pain and Anxiety and trauma which he learned how to mold it all into precious material which he calls it ''THE ART'' he used his music to escape the darkness, Love, Hope, and Drug fueled demons that keep changing the direction. DeadXDying quotes is more than a Name is more than music "It's a way of Life " a way we all practice or felt ,when you been hit the by a wall of pain , no matter how it arrived it leaves you feeling Hollow, hopeless and dead inside while at the same time knowing every minute of your life is precious the hour glass fades on us all .

That's the Best way to sum him up......... This Artist is only getting better at expressing himself through music and his beats are hard I am sure you will enjoy this work of Art.
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