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Demon Cloud$ is the underground, Experimental Music/Visual art Project by Veteran Bedroom Producer, Singer & Songwriter, 29 year old Thaison Tower AKA Cloud$ is Norwegian and half Cambodian, who currently lives in his long time Residence of Phoenix, AZ, but was born in Portland, OR & raised there until he was 13.

It was around that age, Cloud$ moved from his hometown to Arizona. Starting 7th grade in a Brand new environment paved the way for isolation. & in that loneliness, Thaison taught Himself a few Basic guitar chords ,wrote some songs, downloaded a DAW, & began Recording for the very first time. This passion for creating and listening to music has never Once ceased since beginning, 16 years ago.

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A sound heavily inspired by trap music and other artists such as Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, & SoundCloud rap in general. By 2018, Demon Cloud$ (along with it’s distinctive sound) Officially cemented itself as Thaison’s new & hopeful project.

In 2018-2019, Demon Cloud$ began officially releasing his own full songs as well as Collaborations between fellow Cloud of Nyobi & Solo Artist, Bonuspatronus (Thaison’s Blood Brother). The duo released to all streaming platforms several moderately Successful, lo-fi trap Songs together, Such as the singles, “Devil Eyes”, “Secrets”, & “Taste”. At the same time, Demon Cloud$ Started to Change the way he Recorded/wrote Music, by taking the standard Trap-pop formula & adding in elements of lo-fi, Alternative, dance, electronic, EDM, & even Vapor wave… Demon Cloud$ music has morphed into a catchy but always experimental new Direction.. but with this, never Abandoning his trap/hip-hop beginnings.

To date, Demon Cloud$ has released 3 full length albums, 1 EP, & numerous singles officially to all streaming services available. Demon Cloud$ is currently working on his latest unnamed EP; which is due June 2022. Along with other numerous secret collaborations/projects. There is a lot more to be expected from this Creative young Talent in the very near future.

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