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Demon Cloud$ , Working Overtime

Demon Cloud$ , Experimental Music Artist From Phoenix, Arizona by way of Portland, Oregon.

Demon Cloud$ is back and by the looks of it we all have to think he is Working on Making a Mark in the Music Industry while working Overtime , in the Month of July 2022 Demon Cloud$ let himself be Felt with Two Releases the first was titled "SpeedBall" the other "Stars and Rain" Both Songs are very Distinct, Demon Cloud$ took his time on SpeedBall and sat on the song a few years before he came back and finished this work of Art that speaks of Personal feelings and Multi- Drug Mixing, He let's it all out on the Track.

Let's Checkout Demon Cloud$ in Action

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Laying down his Vocals on a Blessed Southside beat is always a winning combo and that's what Demon Cloud$ is showing off on SpeedBall

Later in the month of July 2022 Demon Cloud$ Released a Second Track Titled "Stars and Rain" where he is accompanied by his Brother and a Friend who were in his Studio and started freestyling off the beat , "AND THAT'S WHEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS"

Let's take a Peek at Demon Cloud$ feat. Bonuspatronus & JmanG

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Thoughts..........Demon Cloud$ is doing his Homework Releasing songs on time, all the time with his own style and creativity live audiences Around the world will be Amazed to see this Artist on the stage doing what few can do....... "Make People talk about him for Days & Weeks"

Stay connected to Demon Cloud$ and his Music Career

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