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Dj Aluochris, Go Nowhere(Aluochris mix)

DJ Aluochris from Kisumu, Kenya is a True EDM Super DJ and he is back on it again with his Right-hand Man Chief WELD3r with his New Song Titled Go Nowhere (Aluochris Remix )

One of the perks of being a part of a Record Label like Aluent Records is that it's easier to collaborate with other artists who belong under the same umbrella

And Chief WELD3r had a good song while also DJ Aluochris had a good idea and Magic was made

DJ Aluochris was a little reluctant to take up the task because it has been a long time Since he has done a progressive house track but Chief WELD3r gave him the chance to do something big, to take a style that is not trending and put it back on the map

Let's check out DJ Aluochris in action

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Thoughts: In the music industry one of the most important keys is Song selection, you can be the best Recording Artist ever, but if you have a bad song selection the numbers on your next release will talk, though some Artists take the high road and Perform a Song that is easy for them to perform and commercial enough for their audience to like, but those who test their limits, those are trendsetters and are the ones who tend to change the road the music industry might take and Dj Aluochris is in that stage where he knows his limits, but also knows his talent and that's when Magic is made.

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