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DJ Limbo Latino , Good Bachata in Europe

Dj Limbo Latino, A.K.A Rob, is a Bachata Producer/DJ/and Entrepreneur who Has been Involved in many aspects of the music Industry all his life , From the company he Owns, with light and Sound rentals, To live Adjustments for Bands and Orchestras. In his Early years he Worked as an all-around DJ at Parties, Weddings and Events.

2020 was a year When the world stopped, But for many Musicians it was a time to reinvent Themselves like DJ Limbo Latino who knew what music genre he was good at and took the steps to make the sound in his heart a reality by taking a Music Production Course

Let's check out DJ Limbo Latino in action

These days DJ Limbo Latino is all around Maastricht, The most Southern part of the Netherlands. He performs on stages at the best Venues around the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and European festivals with his own style.

DJ Limbo Latino is also a well-known dancer and knows like no other what music is and can do , which is why he can feel the dance floor so well. From quiet romantic songs to harder beats, Enjoyment comes first. With DJ Limbo Latino behind the wheels of steel, The dance floor is always en Fuego.

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