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El Choco RD , The Fight to be heard

El Choco Rd a Dominican Republic Based Dembow Recording Artist, Starting at a young age singing along with songs on the Radio or online but he never took the action of going to a Recording studio and making an original composition because money was low as for most musicians. At age 18 he started freestyling, Later his Close friend invited him to feature on a local Track,

After some time his monetary situation became much better and his dream is slowly becoming a reality. Now he is Recording his own music and making videos also working on his album.

Check out El Choco RD in Action

Thoughts,..... Things that change ? The Artist , The Talent , The Art Work , Things that stay the same ? The Poverty , The Hood , The Battle to make it , to some Making it means , Doing 24 clubs in a weekend or being Called none stop for featurings, or touring the world in Large Venues hmm.

But the Reality is Making it ,is just making money from your music ,Getting paid for the hard work you put in , Being satisfied after it's All Said and Done

El Choco Rd,has some ways to go but i'm sure he is steady finding his Road to success

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