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Finite Curve, Something is Cooking

Finite Curve, from Hit making Sweden started as a project around the summer of 2021,

After playing in Different Cover Bands like most Artist his aim to get in to Recording

and Music production was a must.

Initially just cover songs were posted on youtube, by artists like The Strokes,

Royal Blood and Joji, with the first video being a cover of the entire album Is This It.

Eventually Original songs started cooking up like "Left Behind", "For a day you were all I thought about",

"Colder, Older" and "back at the beginning of it all" were recorded and posted on youtube as well.

let's listen to the talent.

Finite curves most recent single "Let´s get the band back Together" takes you into their Music Journey so far.

Keep an eye out for Finite Curves on all streaming Platforms

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