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Gaia, Putting Romania on the Map

Gaia, is a Rap\Deep House Recording Artist from Romania, who Never seems to stays on one Style, or in one Musical genre, He always looks to Explore and Evolve his Music in all its Forms. He Released a Mix-tape in 2010 called "Cea mai rară carte" and then released various singles. In 2020, 10 years after the release of the first official material, Gaia Released the AVANT GARDE album, Which Several producers Contributing to the album, Including Gaia himself, He also Hired BEAU VALLIS as the Sound engineer (nominated for Grammy with - Pharrell for - Happy)

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Immediately after the release of the AVANT GARDE album, Gaia Released the EP SEXTAPE [April 2020] followed by its Deluxe Version, Called SEXTAPE DELUXE [May 2020] On November 13, 2020, he releases the album "PASI DE DANS", Recorded, mixed and Mastered by himself in his personal studio [Vibe Music]

In April 2021 he Released the EP Insomnia and on November 5, 2021 he Released the album Crima Perfectă

On March 11, 2022 Released the EP "Prea murdar" which contains 7 tracks Deep House and aTrap feel to this art work

Thoughts,,,,,,,,,, That's work...... Getting Your name out to the world......Building a home Studio and making Magic ......Steady growing your fans base ,,,,,,,, and proving why YOU ARE YOU......
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