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Hpaidmusic, Ride with me

Hpaidmusic, is a Nigerian Born, Producer, Singer/Songwriter and Most known for his song "Happy Birthday" which is an Anthem for all the Birthday Songs. Hpaidmusic has been Steadily Releasing Songs and the numbers are showing it now Hpaidmusic is back with his New song called "Ride with me" a song that has Potential to put him on the map.

Let's check out HPaidMusic Music in action

With cool vibes, Hpaidmusic is delivering R&B vibes. Only heard from top Recording Artists back in the Late 90s when R&B was R&B and Nelly was the Artist of the Moment. Hpaidmusic is Demonstrating that he's a young gun aiming for Stardom.

Keep up with HPaidMusic and his Music Career

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