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JANN., Tanto

JANN is a R&B/Soul Singer/Songwriter hailing from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

JANN. has a fresh style and ability to blend Latin Music with International influences and that has made her one of the most Promising artists in the genre in Mexico.

JANN’s Music is filled with lyrics that delve into deep and Universal themes such as Love, Life, and Personal Identity. She takes us on a Musical journey that makes us feel Connected to the Emotions and Feelings reflected in her music.

In October 2022, she released her debut EP titled “Frecuencias,” which features four original songs that showcase her unique style and her ability to express her inner conflicts through her music.

Let's Checkout JANN. in Action

JANN's. latest single titled “Tanto,” a song that resonates with the audience through its melody and message. shows off her voice and the ability to stay in her lane with good song selection .

Thoughts : JANN. is becoming more of a known name and that will only put her on the road to more features , Fans and trips to the bank I see JANN. with good management doing big things why? Because in the world of Latin music there is a need for R&B Spanish Singers.

Keep up with JANN. and her Music Career.

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