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Jesseca Toovey, Leading you on the Right Path

Jesseca Toovey was a little girl, and she had songs in her heart. Her Passion for music was Evident from a very early on. By the age of 7, Jesseca was already singing in Churches and Talent shows. From Those Early years, Jesseca has taken her Passion for Music and Cultivated a Lifestyle of Worship. Her desire to lead others into the Presence of God developed as she grew up in the church.

Originally from Southern, California, Jesseca relocated with her family at the age of 8 to Glenwood Springs, Colorado where she began her music journey as she grew. Singing in Church, youth band, choirs, and talent shows, Jesseca found worship as a way of life for not Only herself but for others around her. Jesseca has been leading others into worship for almost two decades. Singing, songwriting, and leading others into the presence of God is a call from God she does not take lightly.

And it shows in her Message in her latest single

Jesseca’s desire for a raw and authentic life is clear in her debut Single Refiner

Released in October 2021 with an anthem of surrender to be Refined and Purified. Her latest Single Faithful, Released this May and was written as a declaration of God’s faithfulness to us in Every Situation and trial, God is faithful.

Jesseca Toovey is a fun loving and passionate wife and mom of four boys, David, Anthony, Alec, and Aiden. When she isn’t hiking the beautiful trails of Colorado, she is Serving in her Local Church as a Worship Leader where she has cultivated songwriting. Jesseca’s desire to Lead People, Teams, and Congregations right into the throneroom and Presence of God. First and foremost, Jesseca desires to honor God and lift the name of Jesus wherever her feet go, whether inside or outside of the church walls.

Follow Jesseca Toovey and on her Road Back Home Where we are all from ..........

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