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Jinx Da Rebel, Double The Hustle

Jinx Da Rebel ,Born, Anthony Brady is a Hip-Hop Artist from Gary, Indiana. After Graduating High School he Joined the US Air Force and after Serving a few years in the military he was Honorably Discharged in which he began his YouTube Career as “Jinx”.

Jinx went on to make Solo Reaction videos a popular trend and amassed over 1M Subscribers doing so.

Despite all of this Jinx has been steady writing music since the age of 7 and has released Music as well as Written for other Artist throughout his career.

Jinx Da Rebel has Performed on tour with his brother CJ SO COOL Also in Las Vegas as a solo Artist has accumulated a very Large following across several social media Platforms.

Check out Jinx Da Rebel in Action with his new Single

At the moment Jinx Da Rebel is also in the process of Releasing his 3rd album and a Three Movie Trilogy as well! The first one is out and the second one comes out in august But right now he is focused on having a single dropping every month.

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