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JohnnyMac JR , Picking Petals

JohnnyMac JR is an American Hip-Hop Artist from Ocean Township, New Jersey

Picking Petals is his New Single which begins with a Saxophone that

Almost takes you back to Maxwell's Urban Hang Suit....... Feel that live theme, then JohnnyMac JR Starts Rapping it brings you back to Pure Hip-Hop Straight up lyrics and Punch lines.

His Chorus is what any Man would tell a Women he is trying to get to know......

JohnnyMac JR did a good job blessing the beat with his Swag

in a line and I quote "Can you do me a favor and thank your MOM and POPs cause you've got good genetics onlock"

Let's check out Johnny Mac JR in Action

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JohnnyMac JR has been releasing a New Track almost every month of 2022 that's a Milestone for any New up-and-coming Talent because we all know how hard it is to get Your Music noticed but JohnnyMac JR is steady moving on up from the Bottom to the Top and his numbers are showing it ..............

Stay Connected to JohnnyMac JR and his Music Career

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