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JohnnyMac JR, The Kid is Hot

Born and Raised in Ocean Township, New Jersey,

John P Klenk JR Also known as, JohnnyMac JR is a self taught hip-hop artist.

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He has released several singles over the past few years including his latest tracks titled "From The Start," "Never Giving Up On You" featuring GaTa, "Forget The Past (Remix)" Featuring Sammy Adams, plus 3 full length albums including 2017's "Deception," 2019's "Label Me A Legend" featuring JF3RG, and 2020's "Next up."

Let's Checkout JohnnyMac JR in his Latest Release

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JohnnyMac JR's sound has been compared to artists like Mac Miller, Big Sean, and Jack Harlow, although he has established his own unique sound as his career has progressed.

Stay tuned as new singles from JohnnyMac JR will drop soon, in addition to more albums and music videos.

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