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JoJonatural, MMH

JoJonatural is an American Singer/ Songwriter /Rapper /Producer Born and Raised in Phoenix, Arizona

His song MMH is right on point with what Men are going through.

Let's take it back a bit to life before Covid. America was not America, Civil unrest was, and is still Roaming the Streets. Our Political leaders were and still, some are suspect, Racist, Classist, Liers, and only out for their own personal gain.

After COVID-19 the state of Men’s Health might look strong on the outside but the mental outlook is a whole other story.

MMH stands for Men's Mental Health the song is blessed with lyrics that let you into JoJonatural's personal life

Hold on tight

Let’s check out JoJonatural in Action

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Statistics show That 15.8 % of all Male Americans suffer or have suffered in the past from Some kind of Mental illness which could be alarming considering that it's only growing JoJonature truly knows how to express himself and MMH is an example

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