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Joshua Hurst, Be what you Meant for you to be

Joshua Hurst, Is Back and he is Putting out some good music, his last Song titled Pretending was a winner and this song is just as great.

Joshua Hurst has been taking over the POP Indie Scene with steady Good sounding releases while leaving his feelings all on the track.

Let’s check out Joshua Hurst in Action

Often Recording Artists want to express what they feel in a Song and Joshua Hurst explained in our interview, that he was in a car singing by himself,

And he wanted to make a song with a good message to let People know how they should be Themselves because he knows That maybe Being Yourself could be hard at times but When you Look at the Big Picture your Mental Health is stable so with that Being said Keeping Real with yourself is healthy and with the Laid Back Rhythm makes you Think………

Be what you Meant for you to be

Keep up with Joshua Hurst and his Music Career

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