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Joshua Hurst, Pretending

Joshua Hurst ,Massachusetts based POP Phenom is back on the Radar with a Hot New Song Titled "Pretending" which is putting a Spotlight on all of those fake social media post from People you Might even know .....Ever Wonder how certain People only Post their best Moments online ? Well it Happens most social media members only post the high points of Their lives but when there lonely , Sad , or going through serious issues its almost like it Never existed.

Let's Checkout Joshua Hurst in Action

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Joshua Hurst was asked how did he come up with the Song and he answered I got sick of social media.

Seeing that everybody pretends to have a certain life they actually do not have.

Only posting the Beauty and not the real moments.

He wanted to inspire people to become their true self and also show what and who they are, because after all that's what we all are. True human beings with mistakes and bad days.

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