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Juventud , Creativity has no Limits

Juventud, A Music Project by. Felipe Godoy Diaz. His Music blends The dreamy ambience of lo-fi Bedroom POP with the Crashing Waves of indie surf rock. Originally from Chile, he grew up in Alaska Before moving to Toronto. This created a distinctive background of Styles and cultures that are seeped into his music and live performances.

His Latest single, “Slow No Wake” has just been released on Friday, May 20

Let's check out his New single

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The song came together during an unexpected pregnancy which shifted and changed the Complexity of his Romantic relationship. The song Deals with the anxious feeling of life Passing you by and the pressure of trying and failing to forcefully stop it. It partially Interpolates Juvenile “Slow Motion” and the Pixies “I Bleed”, Two completely different Artists and genres that highlight his ability to develop a soundscape of unique genre-bending music.

Juventud translates to “youth” in Spanish.

Thoughts.........Creativity is Endless.............

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