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Kebro DeA , Original is always Good

Kebro DeA, Also known as Marco Vladimir Fernandez-Cossio Egorova, A Rapper ,singer and Composer from the "A" and it's not Atlanta. Alcanta, Spain Born and Raised in Alcanta and currently he Composes songs in 3 languages, english, french, and spanish.

Check him out on his first single

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Kebro DeA ,The Origin of his Stage Name ( That I have to say sounds a little Suspect) it's Hard to Understand but it all makes sense the Ke- is making Reference to the French Rapper Koba Lad who is his clear insipration in all his songs and "Bro", Comes from his Nickname that his friends gave him from Niza which they always called him" big bro" and DeA means De Alcanta or "from the "A" and he is an Independent Artist with a Very Original Sound which brings me back to a few years ago.

I heard this low pitch slow sounding Rapper who I said he was original and a few years Later he is the face of a Generation Called Bad Bunny........... Kebro DeA I would Strongly say is on the same pace.

Thought's ........An Artist is only as good as his Manager and as Good as the homework he does after he records .......

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