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Keef Caben, Hail to the Corporate Chief !

Keef Caben is an electronic artist/producer from San Antonio, TX and is also a Co-founding Member of Undastreet Music Enhancement (UME). Alongside Dealin’ Dubbs, Keef and UME have been bringing their fans what they call ‘Stoned-Electronic-Funk’

Let's Check out Keef Caben in Action

Keef has been active in the music scene for 15 years and it all started when he was home on Spring Break from Southwest Texas State University that he took an interest in what (current UME member) Dayton Cade was doing with his electronic instruments. Every available weekend Since then Keef Caben learned everything he could from Dayton Cade and the rest is history

After working with Artists associated with UME and managing the day-to-day operations of UME (this role is how Keef became known as the Corporate Chief), it wasn’t until recently that Keef decided to create music for himself and those who would become his fans. Keef’s Sound is Electronic, but it’s also rock and a bit of funk.

He has produced a number of tracks for Dealin’ Dubbs, to include ‘Wild Out’, ‘WOW’, ‘420’, and most recently ‘Just Like Dat’ along with a few remixes, most notably is The Crystal Method’s ‘Double Down Under’.

Keef’s first single, ‘Koncede 2 Curiousity’, has been met with great praise amongst local artists as well as his fans.

Keef Caben is excited to be working with Dayton Cade again to bring you more music. Most recently the duo remix of Berlin-native Marcanus' "Silva".

So stay tuned and stay inspired.

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