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Labor207, In my Head

Labor207 is a Singer-Songwriter/Rap Artist, who is a steady up-and-coming Rising star. Where is he from? We don’t know? he just Appeared on Planet Earth he tells us he’s from a far away Galaxy maybe a solar system....... Maybe a tri star solar system, what we do know is that he’s come to earth to Bless us with a with Social consciousness and nimble word, play, and Heavenly Vibes. This kid knows what he’s doing.

Labor 207 was influenced by Mac Miller, Juice WRLD , Kid Cudi and others and I do have to Say this kid does not Sound like any of them, matter fact I heard him and my reaction was Only wow this kid is definitely is original ,I've only heard of one other performer/ singer in my Lifetime that sound like him and maybe I don’t know if you remembered his name a Performer called Jamiroquai he was big in the late 80s mid 90s maybe early 2000s traveled the world with the same style same vibe and this kid really has got his critique down packed. He’s done his homework he has his style it’s real it’s out there and he’s doing a good job Getting his music across the world and his numbers are showing it

Lets checkout Labor207 in action

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Thoughts: As time Passes, we see, and we hear, New talent, New Art being made by New Faces, growing up amongst each other , I hate to say it, is almost the same thing with a Different name, different face, but sometimes ,just sometimes it happens, A special Sound that changes the world when in reality, Every Artist whenever a release is pitched. change begins and the world changes , will it be for better or worse? time will tell but for Labor207 he is on point.

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