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LONE KATASHI, Remember this Face

Actualizado: 20 may 2022

As Music Evolves by Natural Selection you don't have to be a Dr.Dre as a Producer or Beethoven as a Musician, You don't have to live in a hub like Atlanta ,New York City , Miami ,LA , To make that good sound , While That sound comes from inside, Yet with all the Art that we call Rap there are always a few that stand out and make you tell yourself mmm he is on point.

Lone Katashi Originally from Broward County, Florida, And now he is in BoneThug City ,Cleveland, Ohio ,Say what you want!!!!!! This kid is on the right path and on point listen to one of his Popular Releases

While Some are looking for a sound, Lone Katashi knows how to play his position and master his Lane Follow his name or Remember his Face.

Check him out on Spotify

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