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Miah , Keeping it Smooth

Miah is a Miami, Florida based singer and songwriter, With a Smooth Sound He makes up One half of the Music Duo Decoys. From Country to Synth pop, his sound is not limited to just One genre. Born and Raised in Miami.

Jeremiah developed a love for Music while watching Music Specials on PBS. As a child, Spending his Time Studying everything from big Bands to Michael Buble. His love for the Art of music is not limited to just one genre.

Known for his catchy chorus and somewhat innocent lyrics. Most of his songs are Centered around love.

Let's Check out Miah in Action

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Telling a Story is one of the Most important Elements to Songwriting. Jeremiah makes Sure his Listener can Paint a vivid image of what the Character is going through.

Influenced by Owl City, Coldplay, Glen Campbell, and Donald Lawrence to name a few. Now with two EPs and a Couple of singles to his name. Miah does not plan on slowing Down any time soon.

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