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Mike Nisbet, Leaving his Mark with every Song

Hailing from Oban, on the west coast of Scotland, Mike Nisbet is a Singer-Songwriter taking his sound to exciting new internal Landscapes. After 3 LPs, and 3 EPs, he returns with a new single Real Love(April 18th, 2022)

Mike Nisbet is facing head on past mistakes and accepting the need to make huge changes. Mike said Running is like an internal monologue and I’m sure I’m not the only one fighting such things. Almost like your inner self is trying to trick you, catch you out. All the while knowing your really screwing it up’

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mike Nisbet at his Home studio, folk roots still hang the core of the song together but Nisbet has expanded out production creating a tight, manic and paranoid sounding backdrop for the confessional lyrics. Drum machines and distorted electric pianos throw you in different directions and god-forbid it might make you dance a little.

All and All This kid is An Exciting Singer/Songwriter, Nisbet is a mastering stripped back folk, blues and Americana inspired stories to melt your heart, providing resplendently vivid imagery, entangled with ravishing guitar lines, and flowing piano melodies that ensure the man as an honest, connected, and powerful performer. A medicine you want to soak into at home.

Mike Nisbet recorded his third album I Was A Great Lake, Once (Released Nov 2020) over The Great Lockdown. Although the album was tracked over an intense 2 month period the songs had been growing and living with mike for the past 5 years. With I Was A Great Lake, Once, Nisbet took full control over production and performance at his home studio. Resulting in an incredibly introspective album. Diving into the hope and fears of the man, but never losing sight of groove and melody to bring the audience into his world.

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