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Mote Dogg A True Story

Millennium Music Artist are coming up and nothing is getting in there way, from Cities and Towns where you probably never heard of..... But they all have a Voice, And they all let their Music speak for them. Like Chart life by. Mote Dogg

A child, Born Far , Far , Really Far away, like Africa Far "Yup" Life, Food, Culture, The Swag is all Diffrent but the Hood is the Hood and in the Ghetto that child became a Young "King"

From speaking French to learning

English all for the love He’s got for music.

"Mote Dogg" Born in Ivory Coast. Started doing music at the age of 14. He moved to The United States to a town called “Bowling Green” and started as a dancer with kaleidoscope, An Art program in 2008 and got invited a little bit later to the music class, From then he came Up with his Rap Name. He said “Mote” stands for the calm side of him. The “Dogg” in his Name Stands for the pain he release in his music with the sick in-depth lyrics he mastered back home listening to his favorite Artist “Magic System” a French speaking artist.In 2019 he Started taking his music seriously and joined a distribution Company and published his first Single to all platforms call “Chart life” he represents the struggles from back home in Ivory Coast To the United States his flow, Style , Is in the Now . He opened for Gucci Mane, Mystikal and many other artist throughout his career. Mote Dogg is now committed with Studio Geeks Entertainment, and focused on taking it to the top. Wanna get to know Mote Dogg?

Take your time and listen

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