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Natstar, Got U ll

Natstar, is an American Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Well-Rounded Performer, Based out of Los Angeles, CA, by way of Charlotte, North Carolina

His Latest Release is Titled "Got U ll"

Has Art Painted all Over it, and from Start to Finish the Sound Quality of the Track is felt, the Talent that Natstar brings to your ears is very Commercial, with a chorus that will keep you humming on your way home.

Natstar, has been staying on track with other hits like "23", also "Be Successful" and 10 Albums of outstanding production under his belt, and lyrics for years, he is the total Package Artist. his sound has a Dr.Dre Quality and he is a Prime Artist

Let’s check out Natstar in action

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The Prime Example of an Artist who is making it, with steady growth is Natstar and he is taking no Prisoners.

NOTE: I Don’t see Natstar going anywhere, he has proved that he has what it takes to make a dent in the Music Industry, and Got U ll is a step closer to his main goal.

Keep up with Natstar and his Music career

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