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Nick Joong, Let out the Beast

Nikhil Rao also known by his stage name Nick Joong is a Pop Singer/Songwriter from Warangal, India,

Nick Joong, was determined to reach his goal as a professional singer at a young age and began intensive training at 13 years old. he was Influenced by the South Korean Boy Band SS501.

Nick Joong stated that he is here to tell his truth in the form of Music. Nick Joong quoted (I make music that I hope will move your soul and make you dance I've always been a Musician, whether it be Singing, Writing, or Dancing. Nick Joong is always creating new songs and every now and then some cover songs, He hopes that his efforts will make your life more magical.

Let’s check out Nickjoong in Action

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Thoughts: Nick Joong is a Pure Pop Artist and you can notice that very fast in his Tracks because it has the same style as groups of legendary boybands like NSync /Backstreet Boys/ and even The King of Pop, Michael Jackson

It’s always good to know that good Talent is growing everywhere.

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