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Og Frsh, In it , To win it !

Og Frsh… Is a media maven.

Before starting Sweet16s Media in 2011, Frsh, as he’s more commonly known, was fine-tuning his artistic skillset in both Audio & Visual arenas.

Influenced by artists like , 2Pac , Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Outkast and trained as a musician in Violin, Alto Saxophone, Percussion & Piano... Frsh grew up Battle Rapping and making Hot Beats.

While On the Come up Frsh was also a student at the esteemed Stivers School of the Arts, in Dayton, Ohio; A school that focuses on 7 magnets representing fine arts, where his magnet was Visual Arts.

Upon graduating, Frsh attended Savannah State University, in Georgia, where he majored in Mass Communications-Public Relations.

Upon completion of this Frsh situated himself in Atlanta for a few years where he secured a Major publishing deal with PRO @SESAC, as a songwriter/recording artist/publisher.

Listen to his Cool Track

Og Frsh helped setup and operate a number of recording studios in various markets; also Spending time in Houston, TX where he was able to establish a connection with renowned Studio Wire Road Studios, as an audio engineer.

More recently, Frsh has honed in on his skillset as a recording artist… releasing OG Frsh - Driving At Night, the debut studio album in August 2021.

Driven by his loyalty to family & his creative visionary foresight, Frsh’s goal is to develop a Series of projects that will help genuine listeners reflect, think, learn and feel good again!

And I have to say when you make Listeners feel good "Your on to Something Big"

Check out his latest Album and Follow.

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