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Sexy Crazy Talented and Cool La Maily "Tu Chikita Preciosa"

Actualizado: 17 abr 2022

Indenpendent Music Artist are always on the grind and you can't take that away from this Blazing Hot Future Talent like La Maily ''Tu Chikita Preciosa ''

As Dembow keeps on gaining traction as a worldwide hit genre to hopefully break barriers theres always new Talent on the Rise La Maily is definitely on the come up check out a few of her songs

Also has done features with some top names in her genre

Like many Independent artist they dont know where to start or to go about there business because the artist on the top will not let them know what to do so in many places in the world you have good Music but nobody know it exist because these new artist dont know how to put top numbers but La Maily is steady working on her craft and making the power moves to move her career forward

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