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Sm00v3$1n , Living my Dream

Dino Wells known as SmooveSin is an entertainment industry journeyman that been in film for 20+ years. He's a retired boxer and star of the award winning documentary When the Bell Rings on Amazon Prime. He took time out of his film career to work on his dream of being a Rap artist.

So he took the time during the pandemic to work on his debut album "Plea Insanity" that Consist of 16 tracks. He teamed up with Christoph of Insane Beatz to produce 12 tracks, Along with 3 tracks by Dr. Trackenstein, and 1 by bandlab's For Real Beats.His debut single "It is what it is" released March 6, 2021. Dino says he just making music as a venting tool Because of his life journey.

Let's Listen to Sm00v3$1n

He says if it blows up he's grateful if it doesn't it will still be out there for a cult-classic following. His current top 5 most streamed songs are Living Life, Chill with You, Wet Dreams,They Do like to Fight, and Been Around the Block. His goal is to help bridge the gap between the old school and new school rap to bring some order because too many rappers are dying too young because of the wrong messages being sent in some of today's rap.

Thoughts, Sm00v3$1n is a living proof of an Artist who never hanged up his gloves no matter how many hooks and jabs life has thrown him.

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