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T Herron The T.I.T.A.N, What you know

T Herron The T.I.T.A.N is a Hip-hop/Rap / Rising Star, Entrepreneur from Alexandria, Louisiana, T Herron The T.I.T.A.N is a well Rounded Rapid-Fire, Spitting Lyric Rapper, who is Leaving his mark with every Release he makes. There are only a few in the Rap game that Could be compared to T Herron The T.I.T.A.N and All are Legendary had the chance to Catch up to him during his last release “what you know” and we were very Impressed

Let's check out T Herron The T.I.T.A.N in Action

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T Herron The T.I.T.A.N has a southern Louisiana style and at First glance, this kid almost brings back memories of the No Limit Empire but as the song plays on you Notice that this Artist is a force to be Reckoned with, His style proves that hard work gives results .T Herron The T.I.T.A.N’s success is very clear "his numbers are talking".

T Herron The T.I.T.A.N has a strong hustle mentality and losing is not an option it is not in his DNA T.I.T.A.N (Talented, Intelligent, True, Ambitious, Negro) we can argue all day about what kind of an Artist he could be, but when you spend your days making endless beats, writing Competitive songs, in your off time mixing and mastering for yourself or others

Creativity, That's what's Cooking

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