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Peyoobeats, The Face of Spanish Hip-Hop

Actualizado: 17 abr 2022

There comes a time in Urban Music when Hip-Hop is the saviour of the art of Rhyming

When the harsh realities of the streets cross over to the mic and from the mic to the ears of our youth ......

And when you think its all gone theres always someone who appears to show off poetry with music, a lifestyle that many live but only a few know it

Hip-Hop from Rakim to Nas to Mos Def and in the Spanish world Tempo ,Lito MC Cassidy and years after Peyoo Beats , from not the most popular music hub but it shows The impact of Hip-Hop worldwide PeyooBeats is from Chile and he lets you know off Top that he is all lyrics and Culture checkout his Latest Album Titled La Batalla de Los Planetas where he show Cases his spanglish Rhymes

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