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The Infinity Chamber, The Road of Music

The Infinity Chamber is a Istanbul-based ,New Zealand song-writer and guitarist, Dylan Paul Ware.

Alt-rock, dark indie-folk, & folk-rock music.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Dylan travelled the world hobo-style, Sleeping in Cemeteries and Empty Buildings, a Sheepskin jacket and a guitar,

a pocket of songs

And a solitude

Thinking too much...

There were a lot of adventures. After some time living in Germany, The Channel Islands, Bulgaria, India, and Romania, Dylan Eventually settled in Istanbul, Turkey, where he currently lives with his cat, his birds, a large and beautiful garden, and no real purpose other than to Make songs, play gigs, and rejoice in the splendour of Existing.

Influenced by the poets Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, the guitar work of Peter Green, Also the Music of The Beatles, The Infinity Chamber has released three albums, three EPs, and a Compilation album of a range of international artists interpretations of The infinity Chamber's songs.

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The first, Dark Wind Songs, is a collection of acoustic songs from the road. Recorded Partly in Bulgaria, and partly in Turkey. They are quiet, finger-picked meditations upon the cycles of life and love, and Connections with Nature.

Wolfsongbird, more than an EP - just shy of an LP - is a more complex set of recordings, with a wider range of instruments, and though still characteristically folky, the first hint of the rock influence begins to show through.

The Infinity Chamber(album) is a showcase of accomplished songwriting, beautiful playing, Sublime orchestration, and slick production. Any illusion of frivolity the opening track, "Nothing", may bestow is soon shattered by its dark successor, "The Delicate Art of Reflection". The 15 songs on the album oscillate between the bowels of Cohen-esque desolation, Barrett-esque whimsicality, and primal other-worldliness.

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Before the pandemic shut things down, Dylan formed a band (called The Infinity Chamber) With three other musicians in Istanbul, and together, they played gigs and wild concerts Throughout the city.

2021 Saw the release of the definitive version of "No Honey (anymore)" as a single, as well as a Compilation album of interpretations of TIC songs from a variety of international artists, "Reflections of The Infinity Chamber".

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