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THE KID TZ, Making Noise

THE KID TZ is a 20 year old Rap Independent Recording Artist based in Yorkshire, UK. Who has Been releasing melodic music frequently Which only proves how serious and hungry he is to get that top spot in the music game.

Let's Checkout The KID TZ in Action with his Latest Release.

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THE KID TZ. Expects to further demonstrate his growth as an Artist this year and with his Versatility and swag I am sure he will do good. After collaborating with BrxkenBxy he invites us into a New Universe, a breathtaking musical Moment Rocked by perfect instrumentation and complexity and a Deep sense of the Melody. The arrangements are impeccable, the artistic energy could be addictive at times.

Thought's ,.......Style is Style and that's what makes us original as Artist The KID TZ is Surely Doing something good because his numbers are only growing at the moment he has over 2000 followers on spotify I do see him passing 5000 followers by years end .......and the Stage Only awaits him.

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