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The Look, The Swag , The Lyrics, The Talent El VillanoRD

The Look, The Swag , The Lyrics , The Talent that's what pretty much sums up El Villano RD while other Artist are looking for a shot at stardom El Villano RD moves in silence and lets his lyrics speak Music talk and Numbers to back him up

i first noticed him about a year ago in a Youtube show called La Nueva Vaina with the Keep your Jaw Dropping DJ Scuff where El Villano RD was humble and hungry and Proved to anyone watching the show that he was a force to be rekoned with as he started Spitting flames line after line i knew this kid had the right stuff to make it in this music Industry as the weeks passed he started making noise nationally and internationally where i heard him again Let's let his music talk

The Numbers speak for themselves 40million streams only on youtube 50 million streams on spotify with close to 700 Thousand steady monthly listieners worldwide this kid is on the way to the Top this is his latest video

His Future is looking very bright i surely see him in a near future most likely headlining some music festivals around the world and people lining up to fill an arena like American Airlines Arena in Miami or El Choliseo in Puerto Rico for now join the ride sitback and enjoy El Villano RD
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