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Airon el Hijo de Mechi, The Most Known Unknown

Actualizado: 17 abr 2022

Dominican Republic has played out an intresting scene in the Music Industry they have made homegrown stars and the world has enjoyed them

They started with Merengue then Bachata they also touched up on a little bit of Salsa But now there's a new Genre in town and its called Dembow it's a faster more up tempo style of what Puertorican's have Reggaeton and it's Hot they have there Fav's from El Alfa and Rochy RD but in every community or province do have those up and coming stars that might change masses

They just don't know it yet Like Airon el hijo de Mechi Born and Raised in La Romana this guy is considered the OG of Dembow with local hits like Anoche Hable con Dios and Bajamos Top where he really let himself go

As i heard more and more from this artist I came across another song called Ella Baila Como si no tiene hueso which he has a video and it looks like if he is promoting ''Ass Sweat"

This Latin Dembow Artist is on the come up All eyes Look out because here comes Airon el hijo de Mechi

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